Since my meal plan consist mainly plant based raw food I found out, that there are some negative effects of this diet as well, which can significantly affect your life and not just in regards of health aspect. In case you are going to start your own raw food journey (high five for it) or even if you already started and become addict in this life style as me and Andrea did (congratulation) you should be aware there is also other side of this raw food “coin”.

1. Vitamin B12

Lack of vitamin B12 can cause irreversible damage on your health. This fact and currently its inability to obtain B12 otherwise than through animal products has been demonstrated countless times so there isn’t reason to write more about if B12 is important for your body or not. Another fact is that in earlier times back to our history when our soil wasn’t so desolate and contaminated by chemicals you could be able to find B12 in the soil without any big problem. To be honest, I wouldn’t write about B12 at all. However currently in case while B12 is already on some vegetables it’s destroyed by cleaning or washing process before it came to the stores. The second important thing is, that even animal products (eg. meat, eggs, milk) are also affected by lack of B12 because the most of the animals are kept in absolutely unsuitable conditions (they saw sunshine maybe just from express train) or they are fed with GMO. The reason why I didn’t write GMO FOOD is that GMO is not a FOOD, it’s a poison. Just to make it clear from the beginning, there is no connection between food and GMO. Therefore for plant based raw food lovers the B12 is for sure the most important element which shouldn’t be under estimate. Basically you should enrich your diet with B12 supplement that contains a daily dose of B12 or who would like to go for another solution, I would recommend to add to your diet raw eggs or milk. However it is very important to inquire about the source of these products. Go only for milk, which is not industrially processed, the best fresh (unpasteurized) cow’s or the best for goat’s milk, which is better to digest. In regards of raw eggs, there shouldn’t be any problem at all as raw eggs were and still are eaten by professional athletes. In my case I add eggs couple of times per week to my post workout smoothies. If you would like to go for raw animal products I would definitely recommend you to ensure that these products are from local farmers or are labeled as Organic / Bio. Of course there are people on raw food who have enough B12 and don’t take any supplements or raw animal products. If you decide to go this way be sure to check your level of B12 (blood test) regularly by doctors at least every 6 months. Please, don’t hurt yourself :-) Anyway I am using both mentioned ways – supplements combined with combination of raw food, this is what works for me. What is your choice?

2. Vitamin D

As I mentioned with B12 I am not going to describe the details why vitamin D is at least important as B12. However as it was in the past if we spent most of our time outdoor or if animal products will have guaranteed quality and therefore sufficient level of nutrients I wouldn’t write about this vitamin at all as well. Despite the fact that vitamin D is contained in avocado, bananas or cacao, the amount is so small that it’s better to include into your diet supplements or raw food products as in case of B12. I go for the combination.

3. Insufficient food intake or intake of nutrients

I consider inadequate food intake as a next scarecrow in regards of raw food diet. Or would you like to be a walking skeleton? Of course not. The proper intake of protein, carbohydrates, fats, calories or fiber is same important as for any type of diet however I would say the majority of population underestimate this statement. Given that I have been eating almost everything for last 29 years and I found out, that it is more difficult to take care about proper food intake on raw food diet (at least initially). In my case I lost a lot of weight – see my story. But I also read and found out that in many cases through the tests or official studies vegetations or vegans had signs of malnutrition or insufficient food intake. And I totally resonate with this statement! I believe that a lot of people who left conventional type of diet (or stop eating a meat) eat less or not properly. I understand that you can live just on bananas for some time – 30 days on bananas, but everybody is different and have to be aware about proper food intake according to his goals or body requirements. For example my body type is ectomorph and along with my fitness goals – be in great physical shape, gain muscle mass, it is necessary to set up a specific diet. I should eat at least 1.5 g / kg protein, 1.5 g / kg of fat, 7.5 g / kg of carbohydrate per day, are you aware about your intake as well? In order I could take care about my nutrients I use simple and free online program / application – Cron-o-metr. Believe me or not, to watch your daily intake and body requirements are easier than you even think. Please check out my meal plan from yesterday below.

Action plan for you? Tomorrow (or the best even today) use Cron-o-metr, fill up your meal plan and ask yourself, are you really eat what your body requires?

5 negatives
4. Social isolation

Matter of fact, social isolation is such a humorous issue. Basically for your neighborhood you will be quite in the center of attention or you will be such an easy target for jokes or endless questions as – where do you get your protein? :-) Literally if you will be invited on some venison / game party or barbecue by your friends you need to really toughen up a bit! :-) And don’t tell me about family gatherings and parties. In case your friends or significant others will be in action with their questions again just simply say, that you already ate, bring your own food or try to explain your eating habits in advance (hopefully with chance of full understanding). But surely for people around you will be very hard to understand why you don’t want to have their awesome traditional cake or why you will not order a pizza or burger in a restaurant anymore.

5. Travelling

Next issue may occur on holiday or even when visiting a foreign city / country, because unfortunately there are not too many places where you can go and have a raw food. However we are going to make this problem much easier for you, how? In our section – raw around us! Check it out! In this section Andrea is more than happy to describe and recommend you places specialized in raw food all around the world. You are not alone :-) So far we can help you with places around Vancouver and Czech Republic! Other than that you can use the mobile application YELP or Earthsave (located in Canada).



Write us, what is your experience with raw food, what kind of tips you have for us or what can make these negatives of raw food less negative. Share with us your story or leave a comment below because your opinion matters!

1) B12 and D – what kind of source are you using, what is your choice?

2) Food intake – set up and use CronOmetr application for at least 30 days and find out if you eat properly.

3) Social isolation – share with us your story, the best one will be presented on our website!

4) Travelling – do you have any tips or recommendation where people can go and have delicious raw food meal? Share it with us!



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