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I would like to share with you my story about first visit of raw food restaurant. Maybe you are expecting that it all happened in Vancouver, because it is a place where I am living right now. Surprisingly not! All became in Czech Republic in our capital city Prague. It was in the same time, when I came back from Ireland and when I was looking for another traveling plan. I have been visiting my boyfriend Daniel who worked in Prague, but when Daniel was spending his time at work, I was hanging out with one of my great friends Silvana.

2 in 1 RAWI would like to mention, I was not 100% on raw food diet. I ate according to Paleo diet and so far raw foodwas quite unknown for me. Well to be honest, not too unknown, because I have already read a few books inregards of raw food. I could mention one of the books School of raw food (Anna Hýžová), I learned about fancy raw restaurant in Prague – Secret of Raw. At first I thought: „That would be a great idea to invite Daniel for a dinner“. Such an amazing experience for me, but probably not for Daniel, because he loved Paleo diet at the time. When Silvana and I were hanging around the streets of Prague, I had enough time to share with her my passion for raw food cuisine. I suggested her to have a snack in Secret of Raw. As she has similar mindset regarding trying new and interesting things she accepted my proposal almost immediately. We went to SWEET Secret of Raw, which is the first raw food sweet-shop in Czech Republic. It was opened just after one year of the existence of Secret of Raw – restaurant.

I was fascinated. Sweet-shop was gorgeous! Basically I am not a person who likes to spend time in sweet-shops, but this one was absolutely different. I wish I could go there every day! Because the selection of cakes was so wide we could not decide, which one we should try. After long decision-making we went for blueberry cheesecake. Slice of cake was so big so that we could share it to each other. We shared the cake because I did not want to be full too much as I supposed to go for a dinner with Daniel. Unfortunately it was late afternoon already…but next time for sure I will enjoy my OWN slice of cake! For a beverage I choose barley grass. It was my first experience with that strange drink. Silvana had Seabuckthorn tea. However we did not know what exactly to expect from these drinks we were both very satisfied. The interior of the sweet-shop was very pleasant and I can not wait to visit it again, hopefully very soon. But this time not only the sweet-shop but also the restaurant.

2 in 1 RAW
What I could add to this article? If you are looking for interesting place, where you can go with your friends, family, partner for a date or if you would like to impress your beloved person with healthy goodies, do not hesitate and turn your steps to the street Rumunská 25, Prague 2, Czech Republic. And for those, who are familiar with raw food diet, it is a wonderful place where you can have a phenomenal raw drinks and raw yummy snacks.

2 in 1 RAW

Why I called this article 2 in 1? Because I supposed to go for a dinner with Daniel and I was not familiar with Daniel’s plan for evening at all, but what happened it absolutely blew my mind! Are you going to guess?

A) Irish restaurant -because I came back from Ireland and I loved Irish cuisine at that time

B) Raw restaurant – Secret of Raw

C) Other raw restaurant in Prague

D) Traditional medieval restaurant in Prague – for delicious roasted pork knee and the best cold Pilsner Urquell beer (we were on Paleo diet)

I will tell you in my next article! Stay tuned!



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