When me and Andrea started with preparation for camping trip to beautiful mountains of Canada (especially Lions Peak) we totally did not realize that literally it will be our fist trip and overnight camping on raw food. Matter of fact we did not have any previous experience in this regards and I believe we are not the only ones who found themselves in a similar situation. I believe that all tips and ideas presented in this post will be for sure useful and inspiring. Back to the topic. Moreover we took with us the bear spray and bear jingle bells to alert bears when you are hiking in the wilderness we had to prepare also a lot of food which will not only fills you up, but will give you enough power and necessary nutrients.

As I already mentioned in post – 5 Negatives of Raw Food – I consider the nutrients and right meal plan as a one of the most important issue regarding raw food or even any kind of diet. That is why I would like to share with you our own experience and inspire you what kind of raw meal plan you can prepare when hiking will be in your plan in order your body will not suffer.

The evaluation of Lions Peak was more than 1300 m so we had to prepare ourselves properly and do not underestimate the energy expenditure, including the fact that our load was prepared for staying over the night. It is also necessary to add, that we left home after lunch and our expectation was be back before lunch next day as well, so we had to take with us:

– afternoon snack
– dinner
– after dinner snack
– breakfast
– morning snack

As you can see we definitely not among those who likes to be hungry :-) What exactly you should take with you except bear spray, bear bells, rope which will help you to hang and hide the food on the tree before wildlife? Lets calculate it for myself – 5 liters of water was of course essential. And the rest?


1st meal – afternoon snack

1 banana, 1 apple, 15 – 30g of date paste (just blend it in the blender 1 to 1 with water, we prepare date paste stocks 250g of dates to 250g of water in order the paste can be ready to use anytime), hemp protein with 1tsp of ginseng powder

441,6 kcal
17,8g protein
91,4g carbs.
4,9g fat

Dates are great and especially fast source of energy thanks to high glycemic index – cca 103 GI. The date paste 15 – 30g I use to take also as a pre-workout (for energy) and right away as a part of post-workout meal (to replenish carbs.). I used to take bananas before, but I found out that dates seem to be more effectives than bananas whereas the body can absorb it extremely fast.

Bananas are except the high GI – cca 58, great source of protein and potassium, which ensure proper function and support muscle / nerve building. Potassium also helps you to convert sugar to usable power. Potassium you can also find in apple.

The last part of afternoon snack was hemp protein (which is the best sources for plant-based protein and contains all of the essential amino acids – complete protein) with 1tsp of ginseng powder. In regards of sport ginseng is awesome fighter against the accumulation of lactic acid, which basically causes fatigue not just during the tough workout but also in the coming days can reduce the ability to regenerate. Since ginseng supports regeneration I recommend to include it as a supplement after workout (I add 1tsp to my post-workout protein).


2nd meal – dinner

GREEN PEA POWER SOUP, crackers, nut pate with celery (38g sunflower seeds, 30g walnuts, 34g almonds, 26g of red pepper, 12g of celery, 10g of onion – just put all ingredients into the food processor), min. 75% dark chocolate

Nutrients (without chocolate):
980 kcal
31,5g protein
56,7g carbs
77g fat

The pea soup I already mentioned in the articles with HIGH PROTEIN RAW MEAL OF THE WEEK. If you never tried, this soup is a must. This soup I just love because is not just quick and easy to prepare, but also because of the taste and nutrients. With combination of nut pate and celery I believe it is creating phenomenal dinner after hard day. This meal gives to your body all what you need (check out the nutrients above). And chocolate as a dessert, why not, right? Harmony in harmony :-) But all sweets and desserts as chocolate I recommend to eat at least 1 hour after your meal. It is because the protein (nuts) are very hard to digests and it take around 2 – 3 hours, so if you will eat some kind of sugar, which is on the other hand very easy to digest right away after your normal meal so there will be literally digestive traffic jam! Sugar have to wait firstly for protein and in the mean time will begin to ferment in the stomach, explode into the alcohol and carbon dioxide. This result can cause bloating and blocking the vitamin B consumption. How to combine the food you can find on – puristat. So are you still going to go for desert in your fabourite restaurant right away after your meal? :-)


3rd meal – breakfast

1 tbsp of ground chia seeds, 4 tbsp of ground flax seeds, 2 tbsp of raisins, 1 tbsp of cacao powder, 2 tbsp of goji berries, 2 tbsp of dried and shredded coconut, 100g of blueberries, 2 tbsp of date paste, 1 tsp of maca / ginseng powder. Just add enough of water.

653 kcal
16,3g protein
99,1g carbs.
28,8g fat

This is my favorite breakfast recipe. I eat the same almost every morning so it wasn’t anything new for me, however instead of water I just go for green smoothie (banana, apple, celery, kale). In this case I had to use water, and effect? Fantastic thanks to features of chia and flax seeds! When the seeds are mixed with water they become an amazing binding agent, literally superfood breakfast pap. Magic combination. On top of the Lions Peak Mountain we were surprised by non expected blueberry plantation. So we picked around 1 pound of blueberries and added them to our wonderful breakfast. Who would like to have more superfood breakfast, just add mentioned ginseng or maca powder.

If I should summarize above ingredients you can very easily see, that this breakfast can give you (check out above nutrients) huge portion of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, many calories as usable energy, proteins including important amino acids as arginine, which you can find in all berries (blue, black, straw, rasp., goji…), vitamins, minerals and the last antioxidants which we have acquired from blueberries! The taste? Fabulous!


4th meal – morning snack

1 banana, 1 apple, 2 granola bars (buckwheat bars), date paste, 100g blackberries

555 kcal
10,8g protein
124,7g carb.
7,4g fat

In addition to fruit and date paste we prepared for our morning snack also 2 granola bars which are made mainly from buckwheat (normally these kind of bars you are made from oats). Whereas I am trying to avoid all food that might contain gluten (I believe that gluten is main source of my allergies) buckwheat granola is wonderful alternative and moreover the taste of dried and crispy buckwheat is awesome. Nutrients are simply superb! Just 2 granola bars will provide you 233 kcal, 7g of protein and 16g of carbs. In one hand with fruit and date paste this combination will literally shoot you out of your shoes with full of energy, hair on fire! :-) We have been also lucky again with some wildness so on the way down from the mountain we met few bushes of blackberries, so we celebrate our downhill also with some fresh, wild and delicious fruits.

In my opinion is always better to take with you something more in case you will have some non expected problems so I also had with me 1 more avocado, few carrots and small diced butternut squash.



2869 kcal
79,6g of protein
390,3g carbs.
135,2g fat

And the conclusion? Experience was just gorgeous and I believe that my topic at least inspired you with preparation for your next trip, what kind of raw food you could take with you or even to take a hike to beautiful Lions Peak :-)
If you need to check out your food intake in regards of nutrients I recommend you to use Cron-o-metr which me and Andrea use on daily basis.




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