My close friends and family members believe that it is impossible to build muscles and growth on plant based raw food diet, moreover that I will have concentration camp look (I understand what they are talking about, because the fact is that unfortunately a lot of people on vegan, vegetarian or raw food diet have this look). However, as I promised – Our Mission – I want to put this statement to the test, did you forget?!
Few weeks passed and I decided to make body composition test again in order I could check out my weight, mass index and body fat % progress. And now is time to share with you the results. Are you ready? The result is…wonderful! After 5 months I gained almost 4,4 lb (2 kg), check out the results below. At first sight it doesn’t look like a significant improvement, but if you consider that I switched from Paleo diet to Raw food diet in almost one shot 6 months ago and moreover I always had a problem to gain weight, the way I see it that these values are on the one hand amazing and on the other hand proof that it is really possible to go to higher weight class and build muscle mass on raw food diet. It works! :-)

My next goal is to continue in same direction and till end of 2014 gain another 4,4 – 6,6 lb (2-3 kg) and keep body fat between 10-12 %.

But now let me share with you the result of my 5 months progress!

As you can see, in May 2014 when I was on 90 % plant based raw food diet I started with cca 135 lb (61,5 kg) and 5,9 % body fat. In next 2 months my weight and other features didn’t change too much. In the same time I was still exploring and trying to figure out what I should eat and how I should train to gain more mass. After all everything was very new for me as country, city, food, work…quite stressful part of the life J See my journey. But once I started to measure myself it showed me, that I was taking barely 2500 kcal! And it wasn’t too much really…I also started with my high intensive heavy weight training.

The biggest improvement I did in July 2014 when I gained almost 2,2 lb (1 kg) and more than 7% of body fat. Later on in August 2014 I gained another 1,1 lb (½ kg) and 0,4 % of body fat, amazing right? Despite the fact that gaining fat % is not my goal I am totally fine with that if the % will stay between 10 – 12%. Anyway this was one of my goals, because believe me or not, losing the fat is not big issue for me :-) I increased my calorie food intake for 1000 kcal up to 3000 – 3500 kcal and also tried to make my trainings as much intensive as possible. This is the key point, because you need to break muscle fibers to influence the muscle growth. To measure right food intake I use application Cron-o-metr.

If I should summarize my progress in last 5 months I would say it is more than positive. Even not just in regards of my weight, muscles or fat % but also in case of my trainings. In last 1-2 months I increased my PR for barbell back squats from 145 lb (65kg) to 185 lb (84 kg), barbell deadlift from 165 lb (75 kg) to 215 lb (97 kg). What is in consideration of my current weight really good.

Of course I would like to have faster progress, but there is no shortcut in this case and I can not expect the huge change over the night, right? The key is to be patience! I believe that if I will stay with my direction I can expect the similar results – gain another 4,4 – 6,6 lb (2-3 kg) 2-3 kg.

Who consider this progress as really slow I can quote the words of Peter Ragnars book called – How To Build Muscle on a Raw Food Diet – “If you’re a 140-pound man, it will take you 9 weeks to gain 5 pounds of muscle. If you are a woman weighing 100 pounds, the same gain in muscle will require 10 weeks. For a 10-pound gain, simply double those figures”. You can expect these results in case you will have your nutrients under control (5 Negatives Of Raw Food Diet) and you will follow quality and intense workout training. I would like to add also that except hemp protein, vitamin D and B12 I don’t use any kind of supplement.

Peter Ragnar is one of my favorite personality who lives on plant based raw food diet and even he is in relatively advanced age (nobody knows his age :-)) he raises incredible 2020 lb (916 kg) on leg press, literally madness! Regarding his wisdom and knowledge in sport, strength, mindset and food he is one of my model. In next few weeks (hopefully) he is going to share with me his new book and DVD. This package should be full of recipes, advices and recommendation for training, life and raw food. But don’t worry, of course I will share with you all important details, because I am pretty sure that the book will be phenomenal and I can not keep it just for myself, this is not me.

If you are interested in how I got these results you should stay tuned, because in next few days I will add couple of articles with all my steps, I will add another high protein raw food meal recipes and finally samples of my intensive workouts!

And If you are veeeery interested and you can not wait for it anymore and need relevant answers right now, please do not hesitate to leave a comment or send me a message in this regards to – rawmanrawoman@blackkale.cz.

I would be more than happy to give you feedback. Just use subject as MUSCLE AND WEIGHT GROWTH ON RAW FOOD. Díky!



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