30: SEMINYAK: RESTAURANT DIVINE EARTH -100% raw, organic and raw food paradise

Date of visit: 7. 1. 2015
Address: Jalan Raya Basangkasa 1200 A, Seminyak, Bali
My recommendation: Balinese Raw Trio
It is already here, year 2015! I hope you all entered to the New Year successfully. I wish you a lot of energy, vitality, success and joy of the life. Daniel and I had an unusual entry into the New Year. We moved to a new country to our dreamland – Bali. We had planned visiting Bali for a long time. It was always our dream and it became a reality right now. Step by step we achieve one dream after another. Our time in Canada is already over and now you can find us in Bali where we moved in January 1st, 2015 and we are going to be here exactly one month. That means I have plenty of time to explore raw restaurants and other raw delicacies throughout the island!

Welcome in raw restaurant Divine Earth
Restaurant Divine Earth is located at the address Jalan Raya Brasangkasa 1200A in Seminyak. At the first sign the restaurant looks very luxuriously. It is connected to a yoga studio and according to my opinion it makes perfect combination of healthy diet and exercise. Restaurant is divided to two floors. In downstairs is situated few tables for customers, a counter, where are displayed some of the meals (especially desserts), than the kitchen, which is hidden very nicely in the back of the room. More tables for customers and restroom are upstairs. The restaurant has big glass windows making the room very bright and airy. The furniture is made from the wood and it gave me feeling of nature style in the modern version. I liked it so much! After enetring to the restaurant personnel were greeting us kindly and seating us to the table with assistance. They were always close to us, in order to help us to pick up the right dish or in casewe needed some help. And to be honest, it was not easy! If I could I would taste everything.

Beverages and main dish menu
From the beverage menu you can choose twenty different cold-pressed juices and ten different smoothies so far. You can have coffee and tea as well. On the menu you can see few categories – breakfast, appetizers, sandwiches with soup, ten main dishes, desserts andpossibility to make your own salad as well.

What we ordered

Juice – Puja
I went for green juice called Puja, which was great refreshing in hot weather. It was rich in taste and served me as an great appetizer. Juice was served with a lively straw, which was very original. I have explored menu in detail because it was different from those on which I used to know in Canada. Juice Puja consisted cabbage, red grapes, pineapple, cucumber, lemon and ginger. Given the amount of fruit I expected the juice will be rather sweet, but it was not. It was light and refreshing. Some of the juice was unusual for me. For example juice Bandha is consisted of mango, cashews, dates and coconut oil. Can we still regard it as a juice? Just if I think about it I have a feeling that for sure it was not our last visit of Divine Earth.

Portobello steak with wakame pasta and cashew panna cotta
I chose portobello steak, because I wanted to try this in the raw restaurant for a long time. Portobello steak was made of three smaller heads of mushroom that have been marinated in a delicious marinade. Zucchini pasta in the shape of thin noodles were mixed with tomato sauce and wakame seaweed with slightly fishy taste. Not too significant, just right. Cashew panna cotta was creamy with smooth dense consistency, white and gray color without the strong taste. However, density of cream was perfect. It went nicely with portobello steak. The last part of the meal was white and red pickled cabbage. Overall, I had a plate of five different flavors which made the meal funny and remarkable. With each bite came different taste what supported whole dining experience. Only one point, that I would appreciate was a double portion of portobello steak.

Balinese Raw Trio
Balinese Raw Trio was a real pearl. Daniel decided to order something traditional in raw version. On the menu is not written what the meal is aboutso we better asked first what to expect and if the portion it’s enough for Daniel. What attracted us at the most was a Balinese stick which dominated on the plate. It was a mixture of soya beans on onion stem. Unfortunately I do not know the exact ingredients because it was hard to estimate. However the soya beans stick was excellent. Another part of the meal were the three lettuce leaves stuffed with cashew cream and topped with lemon dressing. Wonderful taste. The last part of the meal was the almond bread with shredded coconut, ginger and garnished with red bell pepper. The bread was soft and sweet taste. Food was also complemented by white and red pickled cabbage. This meal eally impressed us.

I was literally excited about the restaurant. It was the first 100% raw, organic and raw food paradise I visited in Bali. For example the most expensive meal of main dish in Divine Earth costs 109 000 IDR (around 10 CAD) and the cheapest 46 000 IDR (around 4 CAD). According to those prices, I must say that the prices of raw food in the restaurant are still lower than in the Czech Republic, Canada or USA but to local condition it is still quite a lot. Just an idea, average family in Bali can live on with 100 000 IDR around 3 days.



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