33: BALANGAN: MANDALA CAFE -Where to go for healthy snack in Bali?

Date of visit: 13. 1. 2015
Address: Jalan Pantai Balangan, Banjar Cengiling, Bali
Website: http://www.mandalabali.com/
My recommendation: I am pretty sure, everything will be delicious.

Today’s blog post is about a place that is called MANDALA CAFE. Mandala is a new complex includes a restaurant, accommodation and yoga in the southern part of Bali near the famous beach Balangan. This time we were not looking for any restaurant and as out of blue it appeared in front of us healthy and good looking snack bar in the place where we would not expect it. Where to go for healthy snack in Bali? Far from the crowded tourist center and busy roads. At the same time close to the beach in a quiet part of Bali. The perfect place for those whose are looking for a suitable place to have rest or relax.  Now you know, where to go for healthy snack in Bali.

Daniel noticed a sign: Healthy food for a wealthy mood. “Hey Andy, it sounds pretty good. You want to go there? “He asked and stopped scooter on the roadside. “Well, why not! Let’s go. “I said and got down from the motorbike. We came into the cafe, which offers a large amount of fresh juices, smoothies and some raw desserts. Selection of drinks was huge. All exotic juices and smoothies were attractive. I tasted tried a green smoothie, which consisted banana, strawberries, spinach and chia seeds. The combination was not exactly exotic, but after all this exotic fruits that we eat daily in Bali I rather have, let´s say the good old classics. Daniel chose dense, sweet smoothie with banana, flax seeds, dates, cashew butter and cinnamon. Have you already read the Daniel’s article – 28: AM I STILL HUMAN? 30 DAYS OF RAW FOOD – Food intake summary?! In this article you will learn find out how many pounds of bananas Daniel eats in a month. In other words, he simply can eat bananas nonstop. Smoothies were served in cute jars with a handle and we even got under trays. Nice place for a refreshing snack. I could imagine being here for few weeks and enjoying yoga and raw food. Moreover we noticed, that upper side of the building is under reconstruction and according to the information from staff the 1st floor will be prepared for restaurant. Are you excited?



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